Sunday, July 26, 2009

Must to Consider Before Buying Wedding Ring

1. Consider your style. Are you classic, artistic, sporty or modern? Going against your personal grain when selecting a ring might make you regret your choice down the road. You’ll also want to be sure that your wedding band matches the style of your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is modern, look for channel-set or bezel-set wedding bands, possibly with a matte finish. If you have a vintage or antique-style ring, milgrain detailing and bead-set or pavĂ© diamond accents will be beautiful stylistic complements.

2. Consider matched sets. For a truly unified visual impact, a wedding band that perfectly matches the style of your engagement ring can’t be beat. Brilliant Earth offers a variety of matched sets. View our engagement settings and accompanying wedding bands for numerous different style options.

3. Consider relevant cultural or family traditions that might influence your wedding band selections. More ornate designs accented by milgrain or engraved details are a staple in some cultures while plain metal bands are the norm in others. In some traditions, the new bride even receives two wedding bands - score!

4. Consider starting your own meaningful tradition. Have your family members recycle jewelry that they no longer wear toward your wedding bands. Your rings will be not only eco-friendly, but will also be a symbol and constant reminder of your loved ones. Contact a Brilliant Earth representative to learn more about assisting guests with recycling their old jewelry for a credit toward your wedding band purchase.

5. Consider keeping metals consistent. If you will be wearing your engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, it’s important that they be made of the same metal. Platinum, gold and palladium all behave differently over time. Also, more durable metals may cause less durable metals to scratch and wear more quickly.

6. Consider stacking rings and wider bands. If a classic engagement ring isn’t your style, think about wearing multiple bands or one larger stand alone band. Multiple bands can each symbolize different milestones in your lives - engagement, wedding, honeymoon, kids - and can be mixed and matched for varying stylish effects. Selecting a single wider band is another stylish look for those who prefer something a little different from the traditional engagement ring and wedding band combination.

7. Consider engravings. While choosing a beautiful ring for the world to see is important, inscribing it with a deeply personal message makes it a truly enduring symbol of your love. Personal vows, short quotations, or simply the date of your wedding engraved inside your bands will be a private gesture of love and commitment for years to come.

8. Consider whether or not to solder your engagement ring and wedding band together. While it may seem convenient to have the feeling of just one ring on your finger instead of two, once they are fused you will not be able to wear them separately. It may also be worth considering whether or not you will want two rings to pass down to future generations.

9. Consider the durability of your gems. Diamonds and sapphires are the two most popular choices for wedding and engagement rings because they are as durable as they are beautiful. Some precious stones, such as peridot and opal, do not hold up well to wear and tear, and may not be the wisest choice for an item of jewelry designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

10. Consider your budget and your financial future together. When confronted with the many beautiful choices of wedding rings, you might be tempted to exceed your budget. We recommend that you set your budget and stick to it! You’ll want to begin your life together on the right financial foot. Plus, you can also look forward to milestones and special anniversaries for further jewelry purchases down the road.

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