Saturday, July 25, 2009

Colorfull Gems at Moussaieff Jewellery

Moussaieff Jewellery was established in mid 19th century and is a stalwart in jewelry business. This London based jewelry house has an unparallel closet of gemstones. Their collection flaunts of antique gems like ‘Moussaieff Red’. This rare piece of jewel is a 5.11 ct red diamond and is certified as the biggest natural fancy red diamond on earth.

The exclusive collection of handmade jewelry of Moussaieff is widely applauded by the uber-rich community of the world. They boast of an international clientele comprising celebrities, royal families and renowned connoisseurs. This prestigious organization is run by Mrs. Alisa Moussaieff. Her extraordinary mastermind has made the family business to expand further.

Very recently they have opened a second outlet on Bond Street in London. The special feature of Moussaieff Jewelry is the size and color. Most of their creations flaunt of vigorous colorful gems that can take your breath away. These precious stones are large but decent.

Madame Moussaieff believes in grandeur and that is why in every collection on offer, you would find an aristocratic style statement. Of course the price range of this exclusive jewelry is as high as you could imagine but the addition of a Moussaieff jewelry piece in your collection would definitely impart a Royal feel to your trousseau.

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