Saturday, August 15, 2009

Biggest Britain Jewel Robbery News : A Million Pound Offered

Wow, the biggest jewelry robbery news! Anybody who has clue on this case will be paid million of dollars..., not dollar exactly, pound! This news came from guardian, read this :

A £1m reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of thieves who pulled off the £40m Graff Diamonds heist, the Metropolitan police said yesterday.

For sheer audacity and criminal cunning, the execution of the robbery was as flawless as the gems the two suited armed robbers scooped from a cabinet in Britain's biggest jewellery raid.

Their identities, hidden behind latex masks, the hostage-taking, the "warning" shots, the chain of getaway vehicles, the stunning swiftness – all seemingly went to plan, a plan undoubtedly hatched months before.

No doubt too that the 43 dazzling necklaces, earrings and bracelets are already out of the country. As diamond dealers across the globe are placed on alert, experts believe they could be headed to east Asia, particularly China.

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