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Must to Consider Before Buying Wedding Ring

1. Consider your style. Are you classic, artistic, sporty or modern? Going against your personal grain when selecting a ring might make you regret your choice down the road. You’ll also want to be sure that your wedding band matches the style of your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is modern, look for channel-set or bezel-set wedding bands, possibly with a matte finish. If you have a vintage or antique-style ring, milgrain detailing and bead-set or pavĂ© diamond accents will be beautiful stylistic complements.

2. Consider matched sets. For a truly unified visual impact, a wedding band that perfectly matches the style of your engagement ring can’t be beat. Brilliant Earth offers a variety of matched sets. View our engagement settings and accompanying wedding bands for numerous different style options.

3. Consider relevant cultural or family traditions that might influence your wedding band selections. More ornate designs accented by milgrain or engraved details are a staple in some cultures while plain metal bands are the norm in others. In some traditions, the new bride even receives two wedding bands - score!

4. Consider starting your own meaningful tradition. Have your family members recycle jewelry that they no longer wear toward your wedding bands. Your rings will be not only eco-friendly, but will also be a symbol and constant reminder of your loved ones. Contact a Brilliant Earth representative to learn more about assisting guests with recycling their old jewelry for a credit toward your wedding band purchase.

5. Consider keeping metals consistent. If you will be wearing your engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, it’s important that they be made of the same metal. Platinum, gold and palladium all behave differently over time. Also, more durable metals may cause less durable metals to scratch and wear more quickly.

6. Consider stacking rings and wider bands. If a classic engagement ring isn’t your style, think about wearing multiple bands or one larger stand alone band. Multiple bands can each symbolize different milestones in your lives - engagement, wedding, honeymoon, kids - and can be mixed and matched for varying stylish effects. Selecting a single wider band is another stylish look for those who prefer something a little different from the traditional engagement ring and wedding band combination.

7. Consider engravings. While choosing a beautiful ring for the world to see is important, inscribing it with a deeply personal message makes it a truly enduring symbol of your love. Personal vows, short quotations, or simply the date of your wedding engraved inside your bands will be a private gesture of love and commitment for years to come.

8. Consider whether or not to solder your engagement ring and wedding band together. While it may seem convenient to have the feeling of just one ring on your finger instead of two, once they are fused you will not be able to wear them separately. It may also be worth considering whether or not you will want two rings to pass down to future generations.

9. Consider the durability of your gems. Diamonds and sapphires are the two most popular choices for wedding and engagement rings because they are as durable as they are beautiful. Some precious stones, such as peridot and opal, do not hold up well to wear and tear, and may not be the wisest choice for an item of jewelry designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

10. Consider your budget and your financial future together. When confronted with the many beautiful choices of wedding rings, you might be tempted to exceed your budget. We recommend that you set your budget and stick to it! You’ll want to begin your life together on the right financial foot. Plus, you can also look forward to milestones and special anniversaries for further jewelry purchases down the road.

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Colorfull Gems at Moussaieff Jewellery

Moussaieff Jewellery was established in mid 19th century and is a stalwart in jewelry business. This London based jewelry house has an unparallel closet of gemstones. Their collection flaunts of antique gems like ‘Moussaieff Red’. This rare piece of jewel is a 5.11 ct red diamond and is certified as the biggest natural fancy red diamond on earth.

The exclusive collection of handmade jewelry of Moussaieff is widely applauded by the uber-rich community of the world. They boast of an international clientele comprising celebrities, royal families and renowned connoisseurs. This prestigious organization is run by Mrs. Alisa Moussaieff. Her extraordinary mastermind has made the family business to expand further.

Very recently they have opened a second outlet on Bond Street in London. The special feature of Moussaieff Jewelry is the size and color. Most of their creations flaunt of vigorous colorful gems that can take your breath away. These precious stones are large but decent.

Madame Moussaieff believes in grandeur and that is why in every collection on offer, you would find an aristocratic style statement. Of course the price range of this exclusive jewelry is as high as you could imagine but the addition of a Moussaieff jewelry piece in your collection would definitely impart a Royal feel to your trousseau.

10 Ways to Save on Buying a Wedding Ring

It’s tough times out there, but you don’t need to sacrifice your ethics in order to save on your engagement and wedding rings. Here are some tips from our jewelry specialists on how to save a bit of green when shopping green.

1. Opt for one special ring in place of both an engagement ring and wedding band. Look for rings with ornate patterns, unique details, conflict free diamond accents, or a more substantial width to serve as your all-in-one symbol of love and commitment.

2. Instead of giving an engagement ring with a larger center stone, give her multiple bands - each with its own meaning - that she can stack. One for the engagement, one for the wedding, another to symbolize your families coming together….The possibilities are endless!

3. Purchase your wedding bands before purchasing the engagement ring. This way you will both have a ring to wear as a symbol of your love for one another. You will have plenty of time together to design that perfect conflict free diamond ring down the road.

4. While platinum is a beautiful choice, you may want to consider the less expensive 18K while gold option, or even alternative precious metals, such as palladium. Palladium is a naturally white precious metal from the platinum family, but costs less than both platinum and gold. All of Brilliant Earth’s rings are also available in recycled palladium- contact us for more information.

5. Select classic, recycled metal wedding bands. They are simple, understated and elegant, and are reminiscent of many of our parents’ traditions. They are also a beautiful, classic accompaniment to any diamond engagement ring.

6. Select an ethical origin sapphire center gem for your engagement ring, which is more affordable than most diamond options. Precious sapphires have been revered all over the world for centuries. They are very durable, and are therefore an excellent choice for engagement and wedding rings. Deep-blue sapphires are most well-known, but they also come in many other colors, including pink, orange, green, yellow and purple.

7. Select recycled metal rings that gleam with light-catching details, such as milgrain and engraving. These brilliant features will make your ring sparkle without the additional cost of diamond accents.

8. Take advantage of upgrade policies! You’ll want to start your life together in a strong financial position, so be realistic about what you can truly afford. Down the road you will be able to upgrade to a larger conflict free diamond - which will be an especially romantic gesture of your growing love.

9. Recycle your gold and platinum jewelry that you no longer wear for a credit towards any Brilliant Earth purchase. By selecting jewelry made of recycled metals, you will help to decrease the global demand for newly mined metals. Contact a Brilliant Earth customer service representative if you are interested in sending us your jewelry for recycled metal credit.

10. Shop online! You won’t be paying the retail store overhead for bright lights and glass display cases. Brilliant Earth will even ship your rings to you with free fully insured next day shipping.

Why the Price of Platinum Jewelry is Expensive?

Why is Platinum Much More Expensive Than Gold?

Platinum is a hypoallergenic virtually pure precious metal. Jewelry stores who sell high quality platinum offer 950 Grade (95% pure platinum) jewelry. Anything less should not be considered either pure or hypoallergenic or of substantive quality.

This means that 95% of the content of a piece of platinum jewelry is pure platinum and 5% is another platinum group alloy such as palladium, ruthenium, or iridium. Most of these alloys are excellent choices to mix with platinum jewelry, but palladium and ruthenium should be considered top choices.

In addition, unlike white gold, platinum does not require rhodium plating for maintenance.

Platinum Purity Compared to Gold

Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold!

Compared to 14k gold (which is only 58% pure gold or 14 of 24 parts gold) or 18k gold (75% pure gold or 18 of 24 parts gold), platinum can cost significantly more due to its purity and value as a rare precious commodity.

Since platinum is a purer and denser metal than gold, it will weigh more than gold (about 60% heavier).

For example, the same wedding band weighing 10.0 grams in gold will weigh 16.0 grams in platinum.

Since the amount of a precious metal (or the gram weight) is a significant factor in determining prices, platinum tends to be more costly than gold, but well worth the difference in price if it meets your budget.

Manufacturing and Labor Costs

Platinum is also more expensive than gold due to the fact that it is slightly more difficult to work with and less platinum jewelry is produced than gold jewelry, thereby effecting the manufacturing and labor costs of platinum vs. gold.

Overall, you can expect to normally pay 3-4 times more for platinum than for gold. Although with platinum prices historically lower than average, you may be able to find platinum jewelry costing closer to 2.5 – 3 times more than gold currently. Still a premium, but a bargain today regardless.

Market Price of Platinum

Platinum is a voraciously volatile precious metal whose base price is directly connected to the metal’s market price. As of today, platinum hovers at $965.00 per ounce (a historically low price that will probably change by the time I finish writing this).

platinum-crossIn figuring out the base price of a piece of platinum jewelry, a rudimentary formula is used to determine the value (exclusive of labor, manufacturing costs, as well as wholesale and retail markup).

Platinum Formula for 950 Grade Platinum Jewelry

Market price of platinum per ounce + 18 / 31.1 = Price of Platinum Per Gram

Taking today’s price of platinum of $965.00 per ounce, this yields:

965 + 18 / 31.1 = $31.60 per gram

(Why +18 and divide by 31.1? 18 is the amount of estimated loss of platinum when the metal is refined into jewelry, and 31.1 is the number of grams per ounce).

Keep in mind that rarely should platinum jewelry’s value or price be determined solely on gram weight alone–there are many factors including design and labor, limited production of a specific piece, whether the item is handmade or mass produced, and many other factors. But this formula will give you an idea of the base price of your platinum jewelry.

For example, a ring weighing 20.0 grams of platinum may cost $1,425.00. If you divide 1,425 / 20 — you will get $71.25 per gram. That is the amount you are paying per 1 gram of platinum in your ring (inclusive of labor, retail markup, etc.).

platinum-paisley-bandApples of Gold has recently reduced the prices on all of its platinum wedding bands–in response to platinum’s current market valuation. Now is the time to buy platinum, before platinum prices skyrocket as they have in times past. (Platinum used to be valued at $2,300+ per ounce just 11 months ago!) It will probably return to such levels again.

The jewelry has not changed–but the market’s valuation of the metal has–for now.

Featured 950 Grade Platinum:

Platinum Braided Wedding Band

Platinum Celtic Wedding Band

Platinum Men’s Cross Pendant

Platinum Paisley Wedding Band

View more Designer Platinum Wedding Bands from Apples of Gold.

Jewelry Boxes Gallery

Rosewood Women's Jewelry Box
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MaplewoodRegular price: $350.00>
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MaplewoodRegular price: $350.00>
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Bubinga Burlwood
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Large Jewelry Chest Teakwood
Large Jewelry Chest Teakwood
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Regular price: $400.00
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Jewelry Box Teakwood
Jewelry Box TeakwoodRegular price: $400.00
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#1 Best Seller
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Top 10 Wedding Rings | Apples of Gold

Apples of Gold has the latest wedding band trends of 2009, with fashion-conscious, affordable, uniquely-designed rings. But more importantly, we have selected bands that are not only in style today, but timeless . . . designs that will endure.

The Unity Wedding Band signifies two halves coming together in eternal union. The meaning behind this band is timeless and significant in today’s age. Also available in 18k gold and as a platinum and 18k gold wedding band. Each half is permanently soldered together.

View the Two-Tone Gold Unity Wedding Band from Apples of Gold, starting at a mere $375.00 (also available in all white or all yellow gold by request).

Hammered Wedding Bands will always endure–with their versatility in design and rugged good looks. Apples of Gold has taken this to the next level by infusing 2009’s popular metal–rose gold–in their Rose Gold and White Hammered Wedding Band.

View the Rose Gold Hammered Band, starting at only $425 (available in any color combination by request).

The Celtic knots from the Caedman Celtic Wedding Band represent the eternal, spiritual, and unbroken love contained deep within your bond of marriage. Available in a wide 8.5mm (shown) and a 7mm two-tone gold celtic band. Also available in 18k gold and a platinum and 18k gold celtic wedding band. Celtic knot wedding bands remain historically-inspired pieces combined with today’s fashionable, universally acclaimed designs. Priced at $525 for the 7mm and $625 for the 8.5mm.

Paisley Wedding Bands are a tour de force in 2009 with their elegant, beautiful scroll work. The Paisley Engraved Wedding Band has a deep-etched paisley design in 14k white gold. Also available as a rose gold paisley wedding band and 14k yellow gold paisley band. Priced at $525.

Would you like some diamonds to go with that? The Handcarved Paisley Diamond Wedding Band exhibits sheer magnificence in design. Set with a 1/2 Carat of high quality G-H Color, SI1-SI2 Clarity diamonds on each side of the beautifully carved paisley design (also available as an 18k diamond paisley wedding band or platinum by request). Band measures 10mm wide and is oriced at $1,125.00.

Titanium Wedding Bands continue to excel in fashion circles and alternative trends among and are among the top choice of precious metals for wedding bands. The downside had been that most titanium bands were very standardized, heavily machined and often plain pieces.

Apples of Gold breaks the mold with its Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band of intricate woven patterns and rich colors. Prices at a mere $250 for aircraft grade titanium!

Christian Wedding Bands are among 2009’s latest fashions with faith-inspired rings that are no longer clichĂ©. The Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band from Apples of Gold is fashionable and strong in meaning. Also available: The 14k white gold and 14k rose gold Jerusalem Cross Band. Another favorite Christian ring: the Song of Solomon Bible Verse Wedding Band (with custom full-length Scripture engraved on the inside). Priced at $525.00.

The Braided Wedding Band is a permanent fixture within the halls of wedding ring fashions. Stylish in 2009 and well into the future, the braided band is truly an enduring classic. The Wide Braided Wedding Band from Apples of Gold is available in 14k white gold (shown), 14k yellow gold, and as a platinum braided wedding band. This is a quality, substantial piece priced at only $425.00.

Square Wedding Bands are not only fashionable, and masculine, but they break the mold of the traditional circle-inspired wedding band and place a little modernity within our midst. Brushed with a fine satin-finish and measuring 6mm wide, this is a quality, substantial ring weighing approx. 13.0 grams of 14k white gold! Also available as a platinum square wedding band. Priced at $475.00.

Finally, we come face to face with the wedding precious metal of the year: Platinum Wedding Bands. Platinum prices have declined approx. 60% in the last year making 2009 the year to buy platinum jewelry! Platinum bands are not just plain platinum bands either–with versatile design platinum wedding bands, there is a plethora of choices in 2009!

Shown above: The Platinum Hammered Wedding Band priced currently at $1,399!

10 Materials for Wedding Rings

  • Gold has been a favourite metal for wedding rings for centuries and is set for a fresh lease of life as traditional yellow gold comes back into vogue. Its popularity comes from its intrinsic value – gold has been used as a currency since before Roman times – and its attractiveness. 9 carat gold is cheapest (because more other non-precious metals are mixed in with it) and 18 and 22 carat gold more expensive. White gold remains popular for wedding rings, but requires more maintenance because its rhodium plating wears off quite easily.
  • Silver is another metal that has long been popular because of its inherent value as a metal. It is an attractive white metal, and relatively inexpensive compared to gold. This makes it a good substance for fashion jewellery, but it is rarer to see silver wedding rings. It scratches easily and has a tendency to wear thin over time.
  • Wood is growing in popularity, especially with the green-minded, as it signifies a commitment to the Earth as well as to each other. Its benefits are that it is cheap and relatively easy to craft your own wedding ring from wood. On the down side, wood hasn’t got anything near metal’s durability, can be hard to keep clean, and has no intrinsic value.
  • Titanium is a relative newcomer to the British wedding ring market but increasingly popular with men because of its strength and durability and the popularity of titanium watch straps and cases.
  • Stainless Steel has yet to gain popularity as a metal for a wedding ring but as precious metals become scarcer it will gain increasing recognition. It is highly durable, if a little heavy; will remain free from rust but – as with all metals – will show signs of scratching.
  • Hula Hoop crisps have been used by generations of primary school children in mock marriage ceremonies since time immemorial and had to be mentioned.
  • Zirconium is another newcomer to the world of wedding rings. As a sister metal to Titanium, it has all the same qualities – being hypoallergenic, lightweight and strong. When heat-treated, Zirconium forms a black, ceramic-like, oxide coating that is extremely resistant to scratches (although scratches, and dents, will eventually appear in time).
  • Tungsten – yes, the stuff they make light bulb filaments from – is another potential wedding ring material. It is extremely hard, scratch-resistant and durable and will keep its appearance for years. Unfortunately, its hardness is such that a tungsten ring cannot be removed in an emergency – meaning the only option will be to destroy either the ring or the wearer’s finger.
  • Palladium is similar to platinum, with practically the same properties but at a fraction of the cost. For some reason, though, it has not taken off as a wedding ring material, and you may struggle to find a jeweller who sells palladium wedding rings.
  • Platinum wedding rings have increased in popularity over the last twenty years. Platinum like combine the whiteness of white gold with the durability of titanium – and as a result are comparatively expensive.
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    Theknot : 6 Engagement Ring Trends

    Ring designers clued us in to the hottest new engagement ring styles. A simple solitaire may be a classic (and safe) choice, but you're sure to please with these over-the-top dazzlers.

    Trend #1: Neutral-colored Gems

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship might not have lasted, but the lure of colored engagement rings sure did. Her 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring set the stage for a bevy of other colorful gemstones like beryl, sapphires, and rubies to take a leading role.

    From left to right: Ricardo Basta $7,000; Amgad: $22,500; Peter Norman & Co, $28,850; Adria de Haume, $32,000

    > See more colored stones

    Trend #2: Diamonds All Around

    A gorgeous diamond gets lots of character from its surroundings. And these current styles drizzled with diamonds are definitely a hit among brides and designers alike. Not only do the extra diamonds add tons of sparkle, but they can enhance the size or at least give the illusion of a larger center stone. What bride-to-be (and groom too) wouldn't love that?

    From left to right: Hearts on Fire, $6,500; Precision Set, $8,450, and band, $3,440; Diamond Ideals, $2,250, not including center stone; South African Diamonds Private Collection, starting at $8,500

    > See more rings with multiple stones

    Trend #3: Intricately Raised Settings

    The newest ring settings are really raising the bar -- elaborate and (more important) lofty designs are hot. There's nothing like a delicately draped bow or precision-cut mold to give your center stone the spotlight.

    From left to right: Tiffany and Co., $48,200, and band, starting at $2,475; Art Carved, $1,879, and band, $1,535, not including center stone; Diana Classic, $1,899, and band, $345; RhondaFaberGreen, $7,855

    > See more diamond rings

    Trend #4: Twisted Bands

    Designers have opted to put a little more swing in their rings. From swirling diamond bands to more streamlined metal twists, we're enamored with this smooth move.

    From left to right: Mercury Ring, $2,495, not including center stone; Mark Schneider Designs, $2,975; Diaco Diamonds, $6,550; Novell, $2,200, not including center stone

    > See more modern ring styles

    Trend #5: Vintage Glamour

    Heirloom styles, though rich in history, are definitely not a tired idea. Think intricate settings with metal and diamond detailing.

    From left to right: OGI, $1,450, not including center stone;, $3,500; Gary Ptak, $13,700; VAN CRAEYNEST for, $3,285

    > See more vintage ring styles

    Trend #6: Eco-friendly Rings

    These dazzling designers prove that it's hip to have more than just a green thumb. Decorate your ring finger with conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold settings.

    From left to right: Brilliant Earth, $5,500; greenKarat, $3,275; Bailey, Banks & Biddle, $6,900; Earthwise Jewelry by Leber Jewelry Inc., starts at $6,550

    > Learn more about eco-friendly rings
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