Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unique Two Diamonds White Gold Ring

By dividing an overall diamond weight equally between two or more diamonds within a ring, the overall diamond cost in any one particular colour and clarity will almost certainly work out more cost effective than a single stone. Additionally such multi-diamond combinations can be worked into a host of differing styles of veryunusual engagement rings. These are multi-purpose designs, we must stress, not particularly serving an exclusive function as an engagement ring, but this could form a ring purchased for occasional or every day wear, not just for the engagement ring itself.

Here we are going to look at one particular style of unusual engagement ring, that takes the form of a very fluid and naturalistic form, with a beautifully styled, rounded shank that is of approx. 3.8mm width at the upper section of the ring. The diamonds themselves are set very unusually in the ends of the diamonds, that are sloped, so that each is seen. The curved fit on the inside and outside of the finger also assures a comfort fit design. Both diamonds are 0.30cts each, measuring 4.2mm which enables the ring to graduate out in the diameter into the widening cylindrical free-flowing design. Such freedom of form grows in popularity and can be seen in many of the new designs emerging as CAD design allows versatility and an ever widening expanse of possibility when it comes to unusual engagement rings. This particular design is available in a range of finger sizes and most metals, and has a combined weight of 0.60cts. Furthermore, the design can include diamonds of a full spectrum of colour and clarity grades of round brilliant cut diamonds, and it is also possible to include other precious stones, in place of the diamonds flush set into each end.

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Amelia said...
This ring is fantastic. The design is unique and looking simple too. I love the overall look and shape of this ring.
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