Friday, November 12, 2010

Online Jewelry Industry

If you try to search about wedding and engagement rings store using google, you'll find some hundred thousand result. It mean that this industry already so crowd. The store, advertiser, also reseler related to this business became very competitive just few years after google launch their search engine, as long as i know. New jewelry trader site need more efford just to get traffic, mean, they have to spend more than anyone else to advertise their business. I think its not a problem since jewelry industry set enough margin for profit.

For advertiser, like me for instance, need extra effort too just to get organic traffic from search engine. Standar blog, or website, will be buried under some hundred or thousand google search engine result pages.

Jewelry trading, wedding and engagement rings especially, is a serious bussines. If you don't try hard, you're nobody on the net.

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neetu said...
Its really hard to find an engagement ring but this can be made easy while shopping it online. Nowadays it has became a trend of shopping online. There are number of sites available that are providing these services.
vintage jewelery
RockRushIndia said...
Rockrush is an online jewellery store in India. Browse through the latest designs and shop from our gold and diamond jewellery collection online today!

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