Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Most Popular Tungsten Wedding Band in 2010

Today, tungsten wedding rings or tungsten wedding bands are becoming so popular because of they are attractive, modern, extremely strong, comfortable and durable. In fact, tungsten carbide jewelry is quickly becoming the most popular. The rings are casual and comfortable for daily wear and can match any occasion and any person.

As jewelry trends change from year to year, tungsten rings will be the most popular wedding band in 2010. It can be exciting how new things emerge for us to try out. The latest trends in wedding bands have moved towards tungsten.

Tungsten rings come in different styles and sizes. They come in modern designs with the additional feature of being scratch proof. Recent years have shown how tungsten wedding bands have invaded the wedding ring industry because of their exotic, unique, and very exclusive look.
Plain Tungsten Wedding Band 300x300 Tungsten Rings The Most Popular Wedding Band in 2010
Tungsten carbide and titanium wedding bands are very popular. Due to extreme hardness and durability, couple’s wedding bands will hold their shape and shine longer than any ring available on the market. Selecting a durable tungsten wedding ring is an easy way to check that one more box off on your wedding checklist.
Tungsten rings are perfect for individuals involved with physical activities that risk scratching, nicking, or damaging softer metals. Polished tungsten rings hold their permanent shine and the polish won’t wear off after many years.
Tungsten Wedding Ring Two Resin Inlays 300x300 Tungsten Rings The Most Popular Wedding Band in 2010
Before purchasing your couple’s wedding bands, make sure you find out from the jeweler on the metal used to finish and bind the jewelry. There are manufacturers who use cobalt as a binder due to its cheap cost. The downside with tungsten cobalt wedding bands is that it bonds with oils in the skin and gives the ring spots due to oxidation.
Remember when looking to purchase that perfect ring for your big day that traditional metals such as gold and platinum are not only less durable but also less popular. Every year the percentage of tungsten and titanium wedding bands increase as more and more people come to see the true benefits of having a ring that will last as long as your marriage.

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aliah said...
Tungsten is an extremely durable metal..and tungsten rings are perfect choice for wedding bands..tungsten rings are a great alternative metal to the classic wedding band you have shared here is looking good..
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