Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Ring : Sterling Silver

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s important to put careful thought into every aspect of your special day.

One of the issues that both the bride and groom will want to consult on is what type and design of rings complement them both. Although gold has been the standard choice there’s a renewed interest in sterling silver wedding rings in recent years.

Sterling silver wedding rings are a more economical choice than gold but their aesthetic value is at the same level as both gold and platinum. Many jewelers are recognizing that some couples have a deep interest in sterling silver wedding rings and they are designing new sets all the time.

Many couples dream of designing their own rings and with sterling silver wedding rings that dream is very attainable. Many jewelers have design experts on site that will sit down with the happy couple and draw out a design of their dream rings.

Every detail including the size and quality of the stones are discussed. The jewelry designer will craft an image of what the sterling silver wedding rings will look like upon completion. This way the couple has a clear view of what they will be receiving. It’s also a lovely way for the couple to have something unique for their wedding day.

If you aren’t interested in having someone design your rings for you there are many sterling silver wedding rings already available for purchase. One of the most popular designs are those in a weave pattern.

In these types of sterling silver wedding rings, each band has a matching design of woven silver. The design can be somewhat simple or very intricate. The reason these types of sterling silver wedding rings are so desirable is that some couples prefer a band that isn’t solid. They want something that has a flow to it and can be captivating even without a diamond. Sterling silver wedding rings with this type of woven design are eye catching.

If you do prefer the more traditional wedding band than you can also find that in sterling silver wedding rings. There are very plain and simple rings available that complement both the hand of the groom and the bride.

The bride might also wear a solitaire along with her band to complete her set. The man will generally just wear a band that matches his wife’s.

Sterling silver wedding rings are perfect for couples who want something different and affordable. They are a true reflection of the love that is shared between the two people wearing them.

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