Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Ring:

Taken from a 2007 report, the following are the top 10 most expensive engagement ring:

10. Ben Affleck has proved numerous times that when it comes to romance he is a big spender. Despite costing half as much the notorious J-Lo engagement ring, his promise to wed Jennifer Garner set him back 500,000 dollars.

9. When Tony Parker made up his mind to propose to Eva Longoria, he commissioned famed jeweler Jean Dousset to create an original emerald cut diamond ring with an estimated value of over 500,000 dollars.

8. It is a wonder that Brooke Mueller can lift her hand at all after fiancé Charlie Sheen placed a huge Radiant Cut, Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring on her finger when the couple became engaged this year. The price tag? Upwards of 550,000 dollars.

7. When Prince Charles proposed to Camilla Parker on bended knee, he was holding a square-cut diamond ring worth an estimated 1 Million dollars - a very warm welcome to the royal family for Camilla.

6. Again, Ben Affleck graces the list when he made headlines by dropping over 1.2 million dollars on Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring. The ring sported an attention grabbing 6.1 carat Harry Winston, pink diamond.

5. Tom Cruise showed no uncertainty in his desire to wed Katie Holmes when he presented her with an Edwardian style oval shaped diamond ring rumored to have cost upwards of 1.5 million dollars. One has to wonder if Katie did a little jumping on the couch herself.

4. When Michael Douglas asked for Catherine Zeta-Jones's hand in marriage, he gave her a 10-carat marquise cut, antique diamond engagement ring with an estimated value of over 2 Million dollars.

3. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's 40-carat diamond ring from Aristotle Onassis auctioned for 2.6 Million dollars in 1996 making it the third most expensive engagement ring in history.

2. When Donald Trump fastened a gigantic 15-Carat diamond to Melania Knauss's finger for their engagement in 2004, the billionaire proclaimed that it was the most expensive engagement ring in history. And with a price tag of over 3 million dollars he was right - for awhile.

1. Paris Hilton's 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring marked Paris Latis's promise to wed. With an estimated value of 4.7 Million dollars the ring is more than enough to earn the pair of heirs the number one spot on this list. The engagement lasted only 5 months and the ring was later auctioned off for charity by Hilton.

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